Be the voice for the voiceless ones!

Have you seen the fear and agony in the eyes of the animals that are waiting to be slaughtered?

Can you be a part of this movement that will change this heinous practice of butchering animals for food?
You can start the change!

Go meatless for a day and see the difference you can make – not only in your life but also in the lives of your fellow beings!
You can also encourage others to join this cause by requesting them to take a pledge to go vegetarian for at least a day on November 25 – “The Meatless Day”.

  • The avenues are endless! You can do your bit by becoming the voice of the voiceless:
  • Participate in your local community vegetarian events.
  • Join our team by sharing your skills in creative design or writing articles.
  • Just send us your suggestions!
  • You can contact us or drop your suggestions at
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    You can also support us for this noble cause by collecting pledges from your friends and family and posting it to the address below before November 20.

    Ms. Gulshan Dudani

    Secretary, SAK Association – Meatless Day Campaign

     Sadhu Vaswani Mission
    10, Sadhu Vaswani Path
    Pune – 411001 (Maharashtra) India
     +(91) (020) 2611 1118 / 91 (020) 26125679 / Extn: 226



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