Right to Live

The Right to live implies complete ban on slaughter of dumb citizens. The animals should not be slaughtered for food, for commercial exploitation and for ‘hunting’ pleasure. For we cannot take away what we cannot give. Since we cannot give life to a dead creature, we have no right to take away the life of a living one.

Right to Food and Shelter

The Right to food implies that sufficient grasslands, forests, and grazing grounds are available for food for animals. In addition, domesticated animals, even when they become old or sick, should be provided with shelter to protect and preserve them from rain, sun and cold.

Right to Freedom from Human Exploitation

This right implies that animals should not be exploited for commercial and pleasure purposes. For instance, animals are given injections so that it may add to their flesh. Young calves should be given the milk which is due to them. Putritin injections to draw more milk should be stopped. Also animals must not be used for fights, for races, for circus entertainment.

Right to Freedom from cruelty, harassment, and physical traumas

This right implies that cruelty in form of beating, twisting, caging, over loading, tying, starving deliberately, should be banned. Forced delivery for curly fowls, vivisection for experiments in cosmetics, drugs, chemical and nuclear tests should be banned.

Right to freedom from malnutrition and disease

The Right to freedom from malnutrition and disease implies that animals should be provided with ‘preventive medicine’, through mobile veterinary clinics and veterinary hospitals. Medical aid should be available to animals living within the precincts of Human Habitat protection.

The Right implies, that we humans recognize that animals are our younger brothers and sisters. That All creation is one family. That All life is sacred. It recognizes man’s duties towards the animal kingdom— for we share the same planet. That they have claim to our love and affection.

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