What is SAK?

SAK stands for Stop All Killing Association. We are committed to the building of a world order based on the principle of non-violence.

SAK is inspired by Dada J.P Vaswani, spiritual head of the Sadhu Vaswani Mission.

What is the philosophy of SAK?

The philosophy underlying SAK has been preached by Sadhu Vaswani and Dada J.P. Vaswani

1. To create and foster reverence for ALL Life, in the belief that ALL life must be regarded as sacred.

Sadhu Vaswani said:- If indeed, life is one, is not the animal too, my brother? And am I not his keeper?
Meat eating will one day be condemned as murder!

Dada J.P. Vaswani says:- Meat eating and world peace appear to be poles apart. Actually the two are interlinked. So long as
animals and birds are slain to provide food for man, so long we will not see peace on the face of this Earth.

If man kills an animal for food, he will not hesitate in killing a fellow man whom he considers as his enemy. The root cause of world wars is irreverence towards life.

2. To work towards recognizing and drafting a charter of Animal Rights

Dada J.P. Vaswani says:- Animal Welfare is not the answer, Animal Rights are needed!
The first right of every animal is to live. For we cannot take away what we cannot give.
And since we
cannot give life to a dead creature, we have no right to take away the life of a living one.

3. To create belief in the Brotherhood of all Life

Sadhu Vaswani said:- All killing is a denial of love. For to kill, or eat what another has killed, is to rejoice in cruelty.
And cruelty hardens our hearts and blinds our vision and we see not that they whom we kill are our
brothers and sisters in the One Brotherhood of Life.
For me not to love bird and animal would be to not love the Lord. For his children are birds and animals, no less than human beings.

How does SAK propagate its cause?

SAK has numerous branches and volunteers around the world.

Every year, on 25th November, we celebrate International Meatless and Animal Rights Day. On this day, we
invite all humanity to join us in abstaining from all food of violence – at least for that one

We celebrate this day by-

  • Asking people to sign pledges to go without meat on November 25th.
  • Saving animals from slaughterhouses.
  • Requesting hotels and caterers to refrain from serving meat on November 25th.
  • Marching for Peace across the world on November 25th.



We work towards the cause in the long term by –

  • Creating awareness about Animal Rights through newsletters,
    articles in the press and banners.
  • Working to get the Government to pass rules and laws that protect animal rights.
  • Approaching schools to educate children about the need for compassion towards animals, and the evils of meat eating.

How can I help SAK?

You can register to Pledge!
You can spread the word amongst your family, friends, and colleagues.
You can work as a volunteer at any of our centers around the world.
You can mail us your thoughts, opinions and suggestions on the below E-mail ID: sak@sadhuvaswani.org


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