October 22, 2014

Leo Tolstoy the famous Russian mystic writer of international repute writes: “This is dreadful! Not the suffering and death of the animals, but that man suppresses in himself, unnecessarily, the highest spiritual capacity… that of sympathy and pity towards living creatures like himself…and by violating his own feelings becomes cruel.”

October 30, 2014

The great artist Leonardo da Vinci of Italy (15 April 1452 – 2 May 1519) writes “I have from an early age, abjured the use of meat, and the time will come when men such as I will look on the murder of animals as they now look on the murder of men.”
November 6, 2014

George Bernard Shaw (July 26, 1856 to November 2, 1950) the great writer and critic of England writes “While we ourselves are the living graves of murdered animals, how can we expect any ideal conditions on the earth.” “When a man wants to murder a tiger he calls it sport; when a tiger wants to murder him he calls it ferocity.”

November 13, 2014 Jean-Jacques Rousseau a Genevan philosopher, writer, and composer of the 18th century said “The animals you eat are not those who devour others; you do not eat the carnivorous beasts, you take them as your pattern. You only hunger for the sweet and gentle creatures which harm no one, which follow you, serve you, and are devoured by you as the reward of their service.”

From Emile

November 20, 2014

God’s compassion and love for His creation denote another, often overlooked reason for vegetarianism. With the mounting scientific evidence that a meatless diet offers a more healthful life, and that eating flesh shortens one’s lifespan, reason dictates that God would choose a vegetarian diet for His children.

- Steven Rosen

December 4, 2014

Ahimsa is loosely translated today to mean “non-violence”. The original understanding of the term according to the Vedic literature, however, was broader than that. It would serve us well to understand the original implications of the word ahimsa… since it is an integral part of Eastern thought and theology in general.

If one actually wants to practice “ahimsa”, one must cultivate a mind full of friendliness (mettacitta), non-anger (avera), and non-ill-will (abyapajja). The words one utters ought to be non-harsh (akakkasa) and non - hurting (na abhisajjana). Strictly speaking, not giving trouble to others is also considered “ahimsa”.
December 11, 2014
Those who would adhere to any of the Eastern religions would partake of a vegetarian diet. For as it is said in the Vedic literatures: “Without killing living beings, meat cannot be made available, and since killing is contrary to the principles of “ahimsa”, one must give up eating meat.” Some of the later eastern religions are not so emphatic about vegetarianism…yet they all most certainly advocate it as an ideal.

-Steven Rosen
December 18, 2014

Perhaps the single most compelling argument for a nonmeat diet, at least as far as personal health goes, is the undeniable and well-documented correlation between meat-eating and heart disease. In America, the highest meat consuming nation in the world, one person out of every two will die of heart or related vascular diseases. These diseases are practically nonexistent in cultures where meat consum ption is low.

- Steven Rosen
December 24, 2014

The human body is a complex machine. Like all machines, some fuels are more appropriate than others to keep it running smoothly. The record shows that meat is a very inefficient fuel for the human machine, one that eventually exacts a severe toll. Eskimos, for example, who live primarily on meat and fish, age rapidly. Their average life span rarely exceeds thirty years. The Kirgese, an Eastern Russian people that at one time lived chiefly on meat, rarely survived past the age of forty. On the other hand, there are tribes such as the Hunza, who live in the Himalayan Mountains, or groups like the Seventh-Day Adventists, a primarily vegetarian Christian group, who tend to live between eighty and 100 years.

-Steven Rosen
January 1, 2015

The follower of “ahimsa” is, then, the perfect vegetarian. He alone is the true follower of God and His divine representative in this world. He alone follows the Biblical precept “Thou shalt not kill”. He alone follows in the footsteps of the compassionate Buddha. Without love and compassion, without respect for life, our religious endeavors could never know fruition.

- Steven Rosen

January 8, 2015

Men have no right to take life which they cannot create. The law of the Jungle (the struggle for life) does not apply to human beings. If man has superior intelligence, he should act as a protector and guide of those beings that are like his younger brethren. It is such atrocious conduct of men towards animals that ultimately leads to wars by hardening human hearts.

- Dastur Khurshed S. Dabu
January 15, 2015

Vegetables have life but no mind or feelings. Besides taking a small part of a tree does not kill it. Fruits when ripe are automatically separated from a branch, and offered to men and animals as food. A tree can offer hundreds of fruits without dying.

- Dastur Khurshed S. Dabu
Take care of your body, Take care of your mind, Take care of your soul, Feed on the Divine Diet of Satvic food.
Vegetarianism is a humane way of life, and is only a means to an end and not the end itself. It is therefore not enough to become vegetarian, but it is essential to cultivate love for all creation to try to save and protect them from cruel exploitation by selfish mankind.
Some kill the Cock, Others the Goat,
They say it is all proper,
To the Lord all creatures are dear
To Escape, What excuse will they offer?
“Violence in thoughts, indulging in violence abetting violence by others and to contemplate violence are great sins.”
“Live and Let Live”
“Ahimsa Parmo Dharmaha”
–Bhagwan Mahavir
Animals are Man’s Friends Better to feed an animal than to feed on an animal. - Sadhu Vaswani
If a man kills animal for food, he will not hesitate to kill a fellow human being for power and money. - Dada J.P. Vaswani
Lord Krishna in Bhagwad Gita says, ‘He who befriends animals is my bhakta’. He who is away from hate and envy, has compassion for all living things. Compassion gives rise to universal love. -Sadhu Vaswani
We speak, specially, of our economic and industrial gains. We speak of our new educational experiments. And we speak of our democratic institutions and of the rights of men.

But I have asked myself the question, again and again:-“Have animals no rights?”

We speak of the rights of man : do we speak of the duties of man to the bird and the beast?

-T. L. Vaswani
Man is a marvel of God’s creation, The qualities of his mind & heart are unique. What makes man truly marvelous is that, he can walk & talk with God.

-Dada J.P. Vaswani
Vegetarianism is not only about not eating animals or animal products. It is equally about not wearing animals and animal products.
Do not wear silk it’s a Hinsa product.
We have a great rishi Mohan Dharia, who is trying to put a green shawl on the mother earth. We can do that for the rest of the world.

Vegetarianism is one aspect. Vegetarianism is practice by a large part of humanity. We have forgotten the main aspect. That of creating a new civilization which has Reverence for All Life.

Swami Vivekanand has said that such a civilization may take 100 years to be built, but then we must take the first step to do so.
Both rain and sunshine are needed to make a rainbow. Both joy and sorrow are needed to make a life truly beautiful and colourful.
- Dada J.P. Vaswani

Never before had I realized so completely how every form of life cherishes that gift of life, — how everything wants to live. At this time I had been reading “kinship with All Life”, by Boone, a book that impressed me enormously. I was convinced that the author had learned to communicate not only with a famous and intelligent dog, but with a common housefly and swarm of ants. Boone realized that within himself is something that is also in every form of life he encountered and experimented with. That something is intelligence and understanding—resulting ina two-way communication between human and animal, or human and insect. It began to seem to me that the whole of the animal kingdom was waiting, is waiting, for man to realize that there truly is a oneness in all life —and the common denominator is God-given life.

If I have made one human being happier, one creature more comfortable, one heart more hopeful, my day has not been wasted! - Dada J.P. Vaswani

Life has so many hidden woes that you never know when you are touching a tender spot. Therefore, let me be gentle, sweet, kind to all. - Dada J.P. Vaswani

If there is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see, it is the language of love! - Dada J.P. Vaswani

A number of people are under the impression that they and their children cannot be strong unless they eat food of violence. As an answer to this query, the example is given of the elephant, which is one of the biggest and strongest animals in the world: and the elephant is a pure vegetarian. What of the lion? Someone will ask. The elephant cannot match his strength against that of the lion. True, but the lion has destructive strength – the strength that destroys and kill. The elephant has constructive strength – the strength that can be used in the service of humanity. The elephant carries huge logs of wood from one place to another. Can you make a lion do likewise? Perhaps yes, but at the risk of your own life. It was Shakespeare who said: “O, it is excellent to have a giant’s strength, but it is tyrannous to use it like a giant”.

- Dada J.P. Vaswani

If civilisation is to endure, it must be built in a new spirit of reverence, in a new religion of reverence for all life.

There is but one life flowing in all— it sleeps in the stone and the mineral, it stirs in the plant and the vegetable, it dreams in bird and animal, the ant and the insect and is awake in man.

All life must be regarded as sacred!

- Dada J.P. Vaswani

Holy, holy, holy, is every creature!
Touch ye these children of the Lord With reverence and love!
Harm them not! But serve them In deep humility!

— Sadhu Vaswani

For the cure of the ills of modern life, is in the new vision of the unity & fellowship. It is the vision sung in the ancient hymn.

More radiant than the Sun Purer than the Snow Subtler than the Ether Is the Self – The Spirit within the Heart

— Sadhu Vaswani

Be careful, too, of your secret thoughts, your subconscious impulses. See that they, too, are fair. And remember, whatever you send out of your mind cometh back to you. Do you hate another? Hate will come back to you. Do you love others? Back to you will come the angels of love, printing beauty on your face and your actions. He liveth well, who thinketh well,—thinketh noble thoughts, beautiful thoughts, — thoughts which are True and Good and Radiant. The richest gift we may give, one to the other, is not the gift of a gem or a ring, but the gift of a lovely thought: it is enshrined in the heart, making it a temple of beauty. What you give, you are: what you receive, you become Do you give to another a good thought? A good thought is the God-thought: and you become a God and he becomes a God!

- Sadhu Vaswani

Three types of men does the Gita speak of—

  • 1. There are satvic men: they beautify and bless life: they are lovers of wisdom and meditation.
  • There are rajasic men: they have restless energy: they work and toil: they are happy when honored: they are worshippers of power: they seek fame— the last infirmity of noble minds.
  • There are tamasic men: they rest in comfort: they sleep and snore: sometimes they curse fate, destiny, God!

The Blessed Buddha said: “When wisdom came to me, I resolved to defend the weak, and to all living things I gave compassion of my heart”. “Yes, — with wisdom grows “maitri” or feeling of kinship with all life: and maitri (compassion) will be the basis of a new morality, a new culture, a new civilisation in the coming days.

- Sadhu Vaswani

Three things you should do in the morning.

First thing to do is to water at least one plant. Second is to feed the birds, and the third is to offer a prayer of thanks to the Almighty.

“Each day I burn a candle in my heart and pray a prayer to Him who is a brother to all, all nations, all races, — Brother too to birds & animals”.

- Sadhu Vaswani

Three things you should do during lunch-break-

  • 1. Relax for 2 minutes, breath in & breath out, stretch your body & loosen the tension.
  • 2. Recollect the most beautiful incident of the last one week.
  • 3. Share your lunch with someone, who needs it, or with someone you are not on good terms or share it with someone whose birthday it is. By doing these three things you will feel fresh & light. You can restart your day with a song in your heart. “KNOW THYSELF! See the One Life in all creation, and give love to all!”

-Sadhu Vaswani
Things you should do this night:
  • 1. Light a lamp at dusk and offer thanks, forgive yourself for the mistake made. Forgive those who have hurt & harm you during the day.
  • 2. Make a list of all incomplete tasks. Empty your mind of all thoughts before sleeping. Breathe in & out saying, I am not the body or even the mind, I am a Peaceful Soul!

“EVERY DAY is lost that doth not rise as an offering of love to Thee, O Lord!”

- Sadhu Vaswani

Vegetarian food is rich in many ways. Indians make use of various seeds in their cooking qualities like anti-oxidant, anti-cancer, anti-gastric, many seeds act as digestive and purifying agents seeds are potent medicine. Commonly used seeds are mustard seeds, cumin seeds, flax seeds, carom seeds, black pepper seeds & cardamom seeds.

“One seed flowers into thousand seeds. A tiny seed creates a whole beautiful tree. Such is the secret of a seed!”

We must regard all life as sacred. Creation is one family. In this one family, birds and animals are man’s younger brothers and sisters. It is the responsibility of man to share the love of his heart with his younger brothers and sisters. It is the clear duty of man to save his younger brothers from the cruel knife of the butcher.

- J.P. Vaswani

Vegetarianism - has been defined and interpreted by many in many different ways. This sometimes causes confusion. A vegetarian is in no way superior to any one. Vegetarianism is not merely a question of food. Food is the main aspect of vegetarianism but it is more of a way of life- an attempt to ‘lead man to a higher state of being’. As Gandhiji put it, “Of course , we have vegetarians in the cow and the bull, which are better vegetarians, than we are, but there is something much higher which calls for vegetarianism”. Satvic Food helps in Mental Piece.

Good diet must be well-balanced and properly – (just enough) – cooked. If properly taken, a rational vegetarian diet ensures good health, strength and stamina to people who face physical and mental stress over a long period. Many athelets, swimmers, marathon & cross –country runners, wrestlers, weight-lifters, martial art practitioners, players of various games – achievers all in physical categories – have been practicing vegetarianism – over a long period! Example Khali, Bill Walton, John salley, Salim stoudamire, Prince Fielder and many more.

If we look to animal world – we will find that the biggest, strongest animals too are vegetarians – the elephants, oxen, gorillas, the hardy camels, horses and the tortoises.

The Essene Gospel of Peace tells us that one day the disciples asked Jesus, “What are the sins we must shun, that we may never more see disease?” And Jesus answered, “Which God has given, let not man take away. For I tell you truly, he who kills himself, and he who eats the flesh of slain beasts, eats the body of death.”

From the book 'Questions Answered'
by Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani
Gita Publishing House, Pune.
Available at - www.dadavaswanisbooks.org

The meatless diet is founded on the sublime principle of the universal kinships of all God’s creatures. Hence it tells us that meatless diet helps in purifying of the body from poisons and resulting in its lightness, which makes it healthy. On philosophical level, it satisfies the conscious that it is not necessary to kill and eat animals in order to be light and healthy in body. All said and done. Good health calls for a balanced vegetarian diet which will nourishes both, the body and the mind.

The Gita sings of freedom of man. The free souls – Jivan ‘Muktas’ will make a pilgrimage to the earth plane to free not only man alone but also brother animal – the birds and the beast too!

Who sees his Lord
Within every creature,
Deathlessly dwelling
Amidst the moral—
That man sees truly!
Who sees the separate
Lives of all creatures
United in the One Brahman,
Brought forth from Brahman,
Himself findeth Brahman.

From the book 'Questions Answered'
by Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani
Gita Publishing House, Pune.
Available at - www.dadavaswanisbooks.org

The scared Upanishad rightly says: “Ahimsa is Yagna, is true sacrifice.” Abolish animal sacrifices! Surely, true religion should teach us to be guardians of birds and beast, — our younger brethren. As a Chinese sage said: “The practice of religion involves as a first principle a loving compassionate heart for all creatures.”

In the long ago, he whom I regard as one of the early prophets of ahimsa,— Asoka,— opened hospitals for animals. Such hospitals need to be multiplied today. Let schools and colleges give to their students lessons in kindness to animals! Let boys and girls be trained in little acts of mercy, little deeds of love!

- Sadhu Vaswani

The wings of the soul are two — wisdom and sympathy. Friends of the S.A.K. Association! build you in sympathy and wisdom. Today we are so few. And in my heart awakes a lonely cry, as of the moaning of the sea, when I survey the situation of the world. I see its hard-heartedness: I see its lack of sympathy: I see how nations are wandering from violence to violence: I see how slaughter houses are multiplying: I see how many brothers and sisters — the animals — are being slaughtered every day!

Friends of the S.A.K. Association! you, too, sometimes feel lonely. And to you I say: Despair not! Work on in faith! Work on in hope! Work on, by day and by night! The great ones, the mighty teachers of humanity, are with you! The guardian angels are by you — to guard, to help, to bless and serve the weak and lonely. So work on and despair not! You will, one day, achieve! You You will attain the goal of Stop All Killing!

- Sadhu Vaswani

Into the Kingdom of Krishna man cannot enter alone. Man must receive into his brotherhood both bird and beast. And without their blessings, their association their comradeship, and without a heart of helpful love, man cannot fulfill his pilgrimage nor enter the highest heaven. In the words of the Blessed One – Buddha,

For whoso beholds in every form
The One Living life,
Sees all separate living things
Issued from the One:
Such an one hath Bramha!
He attains!

- Sadhu Vaswani

Vegetarianism is the choice of many people for various reasons – for health, for spirituality, for environment and for purity.

According to Buddhism the natural food what earth gives is pure, it purifies the body, the mind & the spirit.

- Dada J.P. Vaswani

All the religions of the world teach to bless the food before eating. The food is blessed by a short prayer. The prayer purifies the food and hence brings health and happiness. According to Buddhism the prayer may be as,

This food is the gift of the earth and much hard work.
May we feel gratitude so as to be worthy of receiving this food.
May we eat only those foods that nourish us and keep us healthy
We accept this food so that we are nourished to serve the society

As is our anna (food), so is our manna (mind). On the food we take depends the condition of our mind. Therefore, we should be very careful in regard to our food.

We should eat only what is prepared purely and with pure money.

A man of God, named Ahmed, had a son so unlike him. Ahmed was humble and holy. His son egoistic, corrupt, a child of luxury and decadence. When asked, what was the reason that a man of God should have such an incorrigible son, Ahmed said: “One evening, we received food from a rich neighbour’s house. My wife and I ate it. That night she conceived the boy. There was rajo-guna in the food we ate. In rajo-guna was the boy born. And he has been rajasic since his birth. May God forgive us!”

It shall be the duty of every citizen of India to protect and improve the natural environment, including forest, lakes, rivers and wildlife and to have compassion for living creatures.

- Constitution of India

The earth spirit is benign to all, it is benign to all the living creatures – animals, birds, insects & human being. It provides for all for their needs. Sadhu Vaswani said, ‘Be like the earth, be humble as the earth, be ever forgiving and be ever giving.’

-Sadhu Vaswani

The aggression, competitiveness and materialism of modern living, with its lack of ethical and spiritual values, is as damaging to our health as it is to our environment. Our lives and pleasures are becoming as meaningless and artificial as our social relationships and our food, because we refuse to recognize that to maintain a sound mind and a healthy body we must reject animal foods, moreover, the production of those foods is an ever-growing threat to the whole fabric of life on this planet, damaging the complex and delicate biological systems on which all life depends and on which we, too, depend for our sustenance and well-being, both mental and physical.

Every good thought is a star which leads you on, shining in the dark, making your pathway radiant. Follow the star!

Today’s ‘star’ thought is loud and clear. It says: spare the animals from your carnal desires. Live and Let Live. This is the secret of peace on earth!

Compassion for animals can take any form. Decades ago in England there was a church for the animals. At this church a special service was held for ‘pets’ on request. Surprisingly nearly five hundred pets attended the service. Yes, this happened at the Holy Trinity Church, Hereford, where the Dean of Hereford gave the blessing at the close of a service to all the pets. The service used to be organized by the local branch of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Animals too need healing. Animals too need spiritual blessings for their good behaviour. If you can share love with the pets, why not the church service?

Every Hindu deity has an animal as its devotee/companion, for every animal has a purpose in this beautiful symbolic relationship called the universe.

Lord Ganesh has half bodied of Elephant. His vehicle is mouse. Lord Krishna has cow with him, because cow symbolizes motherhood. Lord Buddha carries a lamb on his shoulder. Ram has Hanuman at His feet. Tortoise is auspicious in every temple.

God loves animals, why not you? Stop All Killing!

According to Indian tradition, kitchen is sacred & food divine. Many Indian homes have a worship niche – mandir. The lady of the house takes bath before entering the kitchen. She offers prayers before starting to cook. In many homes mantras are chanted or as my mother did, recite Gurubani while the food is being cooked.

Many of us say grace before eating a meal.
How can then we cook ‘killed’ fowl/animal in a scared sanctum called kitchen.


Man cannot live without air, water & food. While air and water are available to us in the natural state, food is selected, prepared & eaten by our own choice. The Gita tells us that food is of three types – Satvic, Rajasic & Tamasic.

In the Gita, Shri Krishna urges Arjuna to adhere the satvic diet. Such a diet is simple & nutritious: it gives adequate energy and it’s easily digested. It is wholesome & non toxic, it offers immense variety, and is also pleasing to the eye and palate.

- Dada J.P. Vaswani

“Animals have befriended man since time in memorial”, says Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani, “Man has betrayed them”.

Dogs are faithful friends, cats are easy companions. Oxen plough fields for poor farmers, cows give milk and sustain human life. Lions and tigers protect forests. Camel is a ship of the desert. Horses pull carriages for man. Elephants transport legs of wood.

It is time man awakens to the beauty of animal kingdom. Thank animals for the service they provide to mankind.

Respect animals. Stop All Killings.

We have not carried the vision of ahimsa (non-violence) into our life. Our food, our commerce, our social life, our national programmes are infected with himsa.

This civilization of himsa (Violence) must go. A New Brotherly Civilisation must we build. Hate will not help us. Today the nations spend their wealth of emotions in strife. It is the Religion of Reverence we need to rebuild humanity.

The Religion of Reverence must enter our schools and colleges. Student-groups must be formed. Students with their idealism will respond to the call.

The world, alas! still is drunk with blood; nations have not lost their lust; and in the shouts and tumults of today, the Face of Compassionate God is dim.

To commune with the Earth-Spirit is to have a new feeling for the ‘animal’ world.

The ‘lower’ animals are then seen to be children of Mother-Earth. To treat them harshly is wrong. To take them to the slaughter-house is a sin.

The ‘lower’ animals are thy brothers. This is what the greatest among the great ones of Humanity so richly realised. They had Cosmic Consciousness.

Yes: these animals are thy brothers. Kill them not. Believe me, meat-eating will one day be condemned as murder.

- From: The Voice of Sadhu Vaswani

Did you know that the Livestock industry pollutes more than all the cars, SUVs, trucks, planes and ships in the world combined? The single most effective thing you can do to help reduce Global Warming is to say an emphatic NO to all kinds of meat. - Reference United Nations Report

All Killing is a denial of Love. To Kill or to eat what another has killed is to rejoice in cruelty.

And cruelty hardens our heart an blinds our vision and we see not that they whom we kill are our brothers and sisters in the one Brotherhood of Life.

- J.P. Vaswani

From the book 'Joy Peace Pills’

by J.P. Vaswani
Gita Publishing House, Pune.
Available at - www.dadavaswanisbooks.org

If I were asked to express in one word the very soul of India, I would say — Ahimsa (Reverence for Life). And the eternal quest of India has been to utter and embody Ahimsa, in thought and art and worship and social and political activities.

The principle of ahimsa influenced India in her dealings with the world. She dreamt no dreams of dominion and conquest. India was never a militarist nation; her reverence for Humanity, for Life, saved her from imperialist ambitions.

— Sadhu T.L. Vaswani

Not a day has passed but I have done some himsa. When I breathe, when I talk, when I do the day’s work, I do some himsa to some Jivas. Therefore must I repent and pray every day. Repentance arises out of sin-consciousness: prayer out of God-consciousness. To repentance and prayer, add karma (action), which is a call to us to let the Atman transform sin itself into spiritual strength.

- Sadhu T.L. Vaswani

Try each day to realise your unity with the human and the animal, your kinship with the plant and the rock. The sun and the moon and stars, the earth, the water, the wind and the fire and the sky are not aliens. You belong to them: they belong to you. Enter into unity with them.

- Sadhu T.L. Vaswani

Compassion awoke in Asoka’s heart: a sense of social service seized him. He became new. He made India a vital nation. Asoka gave new roads to the people. Asoka had innumerable wells dug up. Under Asoka’s orders, trees were planted, public gardens were opened, hospitals for men and animals were created and medicinal herbs were planted in many places. Asoka became a protector of “minorities”: he realized that in all creatures and communities was the working of the One Life. Ashoka organised education for women, — education of the true type built in the ideal of Dhamma, righteousness.

- From the book Golden Gleanings,

By Sadhu Vaswani

Buddha gave the message of Dharma, of Daya Dharma, the Religion of Kinship and Compassion. And, on the last day of his earth-life, as his body lay stretched beneath two trees, and his beloved disciple, Ananda, with tear-filled eyes asked of the Master to give a parting message, Buddha said: “Weep not for me, Ananda! Hold fast to the Lamp of Dharma!”

The Lamp of Daya Dharma is the Lamp of Compassion and Love. Of the “ten inhibitions” in Buddhist philosophy, the very First inhibition is: “Thou shall not kill”. The Creative Mystery of Life built a beautiful earth. But see what man has made of this earth! He has waged war against things of beauty. He has revelled in slaughter, murder, riotous living. He has stifled the joy of life, and creation “groaneth and travaileth in pain”.

From The Vision of India
By Sadhu Vaswani

The Krishna-bhakta regards the earth as his country and humanity as his family. He blesses all: no one to him an enemy is! He is a friend of all,—all men, all creatures. He blessed all: he does good to all: he gives the love of his heart to all! To him no one is a stranger. All are children of the Eternal Krishna. All are his brothers in the spirit!

From the book Love and Laugh
By J.P.Vaswani

“It is my view that the vegetarian manner of living, by its purely physical effect on the human temperament, would most beneficially influence the lot of mankind.”

- Albert Einstein

  • • About 10 billion farm animals, mostly chickens, die or are slaughtered in the U.S. every year for the production of flesh food.
  • • Virtually all animals raised for food in the U.S. today are the product of a highly mechanized factory like system, incorporating unprecedented and largely unregulated methods of efficiency and corresponding dangers and cruelty.
  • • Approximately two billion cattle populate the earth at any one time. They are sustained unnaturally in these numbers to satisfy the excessive human demand for their flesh. Their combined weight exceeds that of the entire human population, their sheer numbers (and consequent appetite for the world’s resources) have made them one of the primary causes for the destruction of the environment. In the U.S. beef cattle return to us (for their trouble) only 1 pound of meat for every 16 pounds of grain and soyabeans they are fed.
  • • An animal-based diet is invariably high in saturated fat, animal protein and cholesterol, which will raise the level of Cholesterol in the blood… the warning signal for heart disease and stroke. Due to the meat centered diet of most Americans, these diseases account for nearly 50% of all death in the U.S.
  • • According to Dr. T. Colin Campbell, one of the key researchers involved with the China Study, “In the next 10 to 15 years, one of the things you’re bound to hear is that animal protein… is one of the most toxic nutrients of all that can be considered”. Risk for disease goes up dramatically when even a little animal protein is added to the diet. Unlike fat and cholesterol, you cannot remove animal protein from flesh and dairy products.
  • • Meat-centered diets are linked to many kinds of cancer, most notably cancer of the colon, breast, cervix, uterus, ovary, prostate and lung.
  • • The human intestine is not designed to digest meat. Where a natural carnivores bowel is relatively short (3 times the length of its body) and smooth inside, a human’s bowel is 12 times the length of the body and deeply twisted and puckered. Having no fiber of its own, meat quite arduously inches itself through the long convoluted human digestive tract. Before it gets to the end it has become and toxic to the body.
  • • In the words of John Robbins, author of Diet for a New America, a diary cow living in today’s modern milk factory ‘is bred, fed, medicate inseminated and manipulated to a single purpose – maximum milk production a minimum cost’. She lives with an unnaturally swelled up and sensitive udder, is kept inside a stall her entire life, is milked up to 3 times a day, and is kept pregnant nearly all the time with her young taken from her almost immediately after birth. “Contended” is the characteristic most often attributed to the cow. However, cows in factories are fed tranquilizers to calm their frazzled nerves.
  • • Calorie for calorie, spinach has 14 times the iron of sirloin steak. Iron required vitamin C for absorption, of which animal products are totally deficient.
  • • The National Cancer Research Institute found that women who eat meat on a daily basis are almost 4 times more likely to get breast cancer than those women who eat little or no meat.
Source - The Viva Vegie Society - New York

“As long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seeds of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.”

- Pythagoras

Question put to Dada JP. Vaswani: Why we should not kill animals for food? We kill vegetables, cook them and eat. Even vegetables have life.

Dada's reply: True, vegetables have life. But they do not have the five senses which an animal posses.

Man has five senses: smell, touch, taste, sight and hearing. The same five senses are in animals. In this way animal life is on par with human life. Hence animals feel the same pain and trauma when killed rather when butchered as humans feel. Plants do not have the same five senses. Plants do not feel the extent of pain and suffering as humans or animals feel. Man has the fundamental right to live, so do animals have! For animal is the younger brother of mankind.

The true vegetarian believes that life is a gift of God. In times of crisis he prefers starvation to eating fish or flesh.

On his sick-bed he is not lured into eating impure food. To the Sufi dervish, Abu Ala Maeera, his physician said: “O man of God! Why will you not live longer and bless this earth? Eat this chicken soup I have brought you and see how quickly health and strength return to your feeble body.” The dervish laughed a hearty laugh and said: “Must you offer me the soup of a weak, defenceless creature who cannot strike in return? It is not worthy of you! Bring me the soup of lion’s cub!”

These and several other things the Master spake to me on that memorable night. And though this happened many years ago, I have been visited by the memory of that night a thousand times. Many of his words are graven as with chisels on the tablet of my heart. And in moments when I feel weak and over-powered by worldly influences, I hear his words ring in my ears with the clarity of a temple bell: “Are you sure you are a vegetarian?”

There are various side-effects associated with the animal slaughter process that is extremely harmful for the health of the meat-eater:

a) Toxic wastes from the dead animal’s bloodstream, germs and pus, vaccines and drugs injected of offset animal diseases.
b) Fear Poisons released at the time of slaughter.

Seeing its death approaching in the form of the butcher in the slaughter house, the animal trembles with fear and shock. It stops taking food one or two days in advance. Fear and restlessness cause leakage of stools. When this excreta mixes with blood, it becomes poisonous and harmful. Blood, semen, stool, urine etc. become part of the flesh. Before its death, the helpless animal tries hard to save itself and struggles for it. When struggle bears no fruit, its fear and anger increases, its eyes becomes red due to rage and froth oozes out of its mouth. This condition creates within the animal a substance called Adrenalin which increases its blood pressure and contaminates its blood. When man consumes this meat, this Adrenalin also enters his body driving him towards many fatal diseases. When chlorinated hydrocarbons are consumed along with Adrenalin, it creates a serious threat to heart attacks

[Reference Hindustan Times 1-10-86]

Someone has rightly said, “Tell me what does a person eat and I shall tell you what sort of man he is and what type of character and behavior he has. No doubt, there are other factors also that determine a person’s personality and behavior but food also has a great effect on one’s mind. Experience tells us that one’s diet is closely connected wit one’s thoughts and conduct. So anyone who wishes to purify his thoughts and to elevate his character must take sattvic diet. If we eat sattvic food, we will be helping our mind and emotions to remain in a state of peace and equanimity. Pure food enables one to feel light and fresh and the mind opens out to the pure life and beauty of the world. The mind becomes indiscipline, wild, agitated or fickle when the diet is exciting, intoxicating or inebriating and the character constantly declines and the result is tension, depression, sorrow and disquiet.

Man’s biological system- his teeth, intestines, hands, etc. are dissimilar to the preying animals but he is expected to be intellectually, culturally and morally far superior to all animals. So, he ought to be a protector and benevolent being rather than a killer or a murderer and that too, for satisfying his own taste when Nature has provided him with so many other things to eat. The law is that one must not kill. Man’s principle ought to be to live and to let others live. First, to rear and feed an animal and give affection and then to hand it over to a butcher in an act of betrayal, inhumanity and barbarity. Also man is not a scavenger like vultures. He is not meant to cleanse the surroundings of dead or dying flesh as vultures do. His belly is not a graveyard.

There is no cholesterol in any vegetable source of food. Even peanuts are rich in fat but have zero cholesterol. Coconuts are very rich in fat but have no cholesterol. Any animal product has tremendous amount of cholesterol. High cholesterol deposits in the body cause gall stones, gall bladder problems, rheumatoid arthritis, muscle, tendon and joint problems, not to mention heart-related disease. When children are given cholesterol, when even proper growth has not taken place, they become hyperactive or lazy, theny get cancer, obesity, nervous and irritable at a young age. It has been researched that you don’t need anything more than complex carbohydrates to provide all the nutrients in a perfect diet. If you eat three different types of varieties of complex carbohydrates per day you can get all the amino acids.

The original dietary law, before changing it to appeal to the lusty appetite of the law-breakers, appears in Genesis:

“And behold, I have given you every herb Bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the Fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat… And God saw everything He had made, and, behold, it was very good…” (Gen.1:29 & 31)

“Ye shall eat no manner of blood, whether it be of fowl or of beast, in any of your dwellings.” Or the famous: “But the flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof, shall ye not eat (Gen. 9:4).” All animals shed blood, do they not? Go to any slaughtering house and you will know for sure.

Stop Shedding Blood! Stop All Killing!

"My sons," said the Buddha, "do you not know that it is wrong to take a life which the Lord has granted to His creature? We human beings have been given a superior intelligence so that among other things we may help and protect these our lesser brethren. But by killing these poor innocent creatures who trusted you, you have lowered yourself to the level of the wild beasts of the forest, who kill by instinct because it is their only way of survival. But we of the human race have been given so many other things to feed upon, as well as the knowledge to grow and use them, that we should not stoop to killing these innocent ones who have done us no harm."

Holy, holy, holy, is every creature!

Touch ye these children of the Lord with reverence and love!

Harm them not! But serve them in deep humility!

— Sadhu Vaswani

The cosmic evolution has seven levels of ascending kingdom.
  • 1. The ethereal kingdom.
  • 2. The side real kingdom.
  • 3. The mineral kingdom.
  • 4. The vegetable kingdom.
  • 5. The animal kingdom.
  • 6. The human kingdom.
  • 7. The celestial kingdom.

The animal kingdom is only a step behind the human kingdom. It is in this context that Sadhu Vaswani has said, ‘Animals and birds are our younger brothers and sisters’. ‘Is not animal too my brother?’

We use the word “animal” for these dear, dumb creatures of God. Are they not our brothers and sisters?

Sometimes, I think of them as our earth-companions of whom, indeed, we may learn the supreme lesson of life,—the lesson of compassion.

From the book ‘The voice of the voiceless ones’ By Sadhu Vaswani

The Creative Mystery of Life built a beautiful earth. But see what man has made of this earth! He has waged war against things of beauty. He has reveled in slaughter, murder, riotous living. He has stifled the joy of life, and creation “groaneth and travaileth in pain.”

From the book ‘The voice of the voiceless Ones’ By Sadhu Vaswani

“Every bit of flesh you tear, you will one day, be called upon to replace with you own flesh. Every limb you mutilate, you will be compelled to replace with your own limb”.

- Dada J.P. Vaswani

Vegetarianism means less and less of surgery. Therefore, if for nothing else, even without Reverence For All Life of your own purpose, for your own better life you should be vegetarian. Cancers of nose and inside the oral cavity of mouth are extremely common in Hong Kong and the far eastern countries because they consume lot of fish and therefore it is also seen in Bengal. In Scandinavian countries where there is predominantly non-vegetarian diet, because they cannot grow food because of weather, heart attacks are the maximum. Vegetarianism represents more civilized qualities of people. I would urge you as a doctor, as a physician, as a surgeon hat do adhere to vegetarian food.

- By Dr. J.T. Vyas

Vegetarianism is a lifestyle, a non-violent lifestyle. In this eco-cycle everyone is interdependent. Animals and humans live favouring each other. We oblige animals and animals oblige us. And that is the meaning of ‘Jivo Jivyasya Jivanam’. To be natural we have to be a vegetarian. - By Dr. K.M. Gangwal

The ancient Hindu scriptures regarded as satvic food is now regarded ideal food – although by other names! Experts call it high-fibre, natural, anti-oxidant etc. and we are encouraged to eat more of such foods. As for what the sages called rajasic and tamasic food, the very same foods are now labeled high –fat, high cholesterol, carcinogenic etc., we are warned to keep out of our diet to the greatest extent possible!

Vegetables are Mother Nature’s marvelous products. Her divine garden truly presents a blaze of brilliant colours with the red and yellow, green and purple, pink, white, brown and mauve of these delicious wonders!

A Vegetarian connoisseur will be proud to tell you can effortlessly put together a balanced diet just by choosing a bit of each colour!

From the book Simply Vegetarian by J.P. Vaswani
Gita Publishing House, Pune.
Available at - www.dadavaswanisbooks.org

Many Sufi saints like Hamidudin Nigauri, who was a disciple of Hazarat Moinuddin Chishti of Ajmer gave up eating meat in order to be closer to their Hindu bretheren. The Sufis many of whom preached precepts of Hinduism lived a simple life of the peasants eating ‘Dal Roti’.

Kabir was a vegetarian. He too sang songs advocating “dry crumbs of ROTI with water” saying, the goat is slaughtered for eating grass, “O Man what will be your fate when you kill and eat the goat!”

The Muslim Sufi saints advocated vegetarian food on grounds of compassion and Justice.

All the religions born in India— Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and even Sikhism, hold diet as very important to the spiritual development of humans, and make strong recommendation for vegetarianism.

The Vedic scriptures of India stress non-violence as the ethical basis of vegetarianism. The Manu-Samhita the ancient code states: Meat can never be obtained without injury to a living creatures, and injury to sentient beings is detrimental to the attainment of heavenly bliss; let him therefore shun the use of meat.

The lower animals, too, are our brothers. This is what the greatest among the great ones of Humanity so richly realised. They had Cosmic Consciousness. Yes; these animals are thy brothers. Kill them not. Believe me, meat-eating will one day be condemned as murder.

By T.L. Vaswani

Dr. Jane Goodall has spent 20 years in African Jungles studying the behaviour of animals. Her research work is internationally known. Once she met an Indian saint. She was curious to know her opinion about the animals. She asked the Indian spiritual luminary, "Do you believe that animals understand human beings? Do you believe that animals respond to the human heart?"

The saint replied, “Animals can certainly understand the human heart and respond accordingly. They respond to love the most”. Animals respond in more than one way. They even respond in action. Dogs bring breakfast for their sick masters. And there is the famous story of dog giving witness in a court case to save the innocent victim! Yet dogs are eaten by humans in Korea, in Philippines and other countries.

Stop eating animals! Stop All Killings!

There is no cholesterol in any vegetable source of food. Even peanuts are rich in fat but have zero cholesterol. Coconuts are very rich in fat but have no cholesterol. Any animal product has tremendous amount of cholesterol. High cholesterol deposits in the body cause gall stones, gall bladder problems, rheumatoid arthritis, muscle, tendon and joint problems, not to mention heart-related disease. When children are given cholesterol, when even proper growth has not taken place, they become hyperactive or lazy, theny get cancer, obesity, nervous and irritable at a young age. It has been researched that you don’t need anything more than complex carbohydrates to provide all the nutrients in a perfect diet. If you eat three different types of varieties of complex carbohydrates per day you can get all the amino acids.

If you have any pet animals or birds, you should never eat before they have been fed. Perceive God in every living being and feed them with that attitude.

‘Simple living, high thinking’, is the ideal which Mahatma Gandhi, the father of nation put before us Indians.

The same ideal is now being adopted by Bill Clinton, the former president of the U.S.A. He has now turned vegetarian and has for his daily meal, boiled vegetables and fruits.

Aware of the suffering caused by unmindful consumption, I am committed to cultivating good health, both physical and mental, for myself, my family, and my society by practicing mindful eating, drinking, and consuming. I will ingest only items that preserve peace, well-being, and joy in my body, in my consciousness, and in the collective body and consciousness of my family and society.

I will work to transform violence, fear, anger, and confusion in myself and in society by practicing a diet for myself and for society. I understand that a proper diet is crucial for self-transformation and for the transformation of society.

- Thich Nhat Hanh

“I am determined not to kill, not to let others kill, and not to support any act of killing in the world, in my thinking, and in my way of life.” We cannot support any act of killing, no killing can be justified. But not to kill is not enough. We must also learn ways to prevent others from killing. We cannot say, “I am not responsible. They did it. My hands are clean.

We must be determined not to support killing, even in our minds. According to the Buddha, the mind is the base of all actions. It is most dangerous to kill in the mind.

Thich Nhat Hanh

"Mercy" is an important way of learning how to be a better person. Without being merciful, it is contradictory with being a Buddhist. Having a merciful and compassionate heart will show up in all aspects of one's life; but the simplest and most direct way is to follow a vegetarian diet.

Think of the intense pain of accidentally stepping on a nail is, so how can one have the heart to eat the flesh of creatures who have suffered the pain of being slaughtered, skinned, dismembered, and cooked?

The physical structure of human being is similar to that of fruit eating animals like monkey. Certainly therefore the nature has designed man to eat fruits and not meat of animals. Meat eating animals have intestine three times that of a human being. Man is not physically structured to eat meat.

Henry Stephen writes in The Logic of Vegetarianism: whatever my personal practice may be, it is the destiny of human race that in the process of evolution and self growth, man will give up meat eating.

On 5th June, The Environment Day, the WORLD VEG Council issued the following advertisement, appealing to people to go vegetarian:

You need only 253 liters of water to produce 1/2 kg. of wheat.
You need 10,515 liters of water to produce 1/2 kg. of meat.
The live stock industry pollutes more than all the cars, trucks, planes and ships in the world combined. And refusing meat is the single most effective way you can reduce global warming.

Say no to meat, and save the world from disaster!

By Sadhu Vaswani

If we could but appreciate a little of the poetry of animal life! Some of the birds are a miracle of beauty in nature’s wonderland. And I have wondered how man can have the heart to catch and kill them! Larks and nightingales— sweet singing birds— are killed and eaten!

In my morning meditation, as I have heard again and again, the cries of pain of the animals that are slaughtered, I have cried a lonely cry; when shall the day come,-the day when the great ones of humanity may be banded together for the service of the animal world?

- Dada J.P. Vaswani

The Law of life is Compassion and love. Out of Love come joy and every other blessing. He who has not experienced love has now known what it is to live.

Guru Dev Sadhu Vaswani said, “He who kills another, kills himself. He who feeds on death, himself becomes food for death. He who inflicts suffering upon another brings suffering to himself. Such is the law!

- Dada J.P. Vaswani

Life is one. So do not separate man from the animal or the bird.

The world is full of suffering. It is our duty to build a Brotherhood, a Fellowship of those who would bear and suffer for the poor and weak and serve them with love and compassion in their hearts.

In the measure in which you think you are happy, you must renounce for the sake of those who suffer. You must in return give of your life for the lives of those who are in need and suffering. You must be-come “an adventurer of self-sacrifice”.

- T.L. Vaswani

There is a Voice within each man. It makes the heart a channel of wisdom and love.

And the more we study the life and consciousness of the lower animals, the more do we learn of their sociality, their intelligence, their emotions and their essential kinship with man.

In justifying the killing of beasts and birds for food, sport and vivisection, Christendom is trampling upon the teaching of the Master who gave the great message of Mercy and Love.

- T.L. Vaswani

“A man is ethical only when life, as such, is sacred to him, that of plants and animals as that of his fellow men, and when he devotes himself helpfully to all life that is in need of help.”

- Albert Schweitzer

Every morning as I sit in meditation, I pray for thousands of animals that are slaughtered everyday. Ah the burden of the sin of daily slaughter in our cities. A free India, Sadhu Vaswani said, would abolish all forms of cruelty to animals. But India is yet not free, and notation is truly free until the animal, mans younger brother, is free and happy.

- Dada J.P. Vaswani

Leo Tolstoy, A man can live and be healthy without killing animals for food, therefore if he eats meat, he participates in taking animal life merely for sake of his appetite; and to act so is immoral.

Sadhu Vaswani’s compassion is not restricted to human beings. It extends to all creatures — even to trees and flowers. He will not pluck flowers: for flowers have their families, and they must not be separated from each other. So it is that he does not accept flower-garlands.

The quality of his soul is clearly revealed in his treatment of animals. He cannot resign himself to the sufferings of animals at the cruel hand of the butcher. “For me not to love bird and beast would be not to love the lord.” He says, “For His children are birds, no less than human beings”.

- J.P. Vaswani

A man is ethical only when life, as such, is sacred to him, that of plants and animals as that of his fellow men, and when he devotes himself helpfully to all life that is in need of help.

- Albert Schweitzer

“A man can live and be healthy without killing animals for food, therefore, if he eats meat, he participates in taking animal life merely for the sake of his appetite. And to act so is immoral.”

- Leo Tolstoy

Today we are celebrating Krishna Gokul Ashtmi, Lord Krishna’s entry into the Vrindavan of joy, merry making and peace. Have we ever asked why Krishna is depicted with a cow, a peacock feather in his crown, and trees with birds..? Because Krishna is lover of animals, birds and beasts! Let us celebrate today this wonderful quality, love and compassion for birds and animals! Let's celebrate with Krishna by promising not to hurt any bird, animal or insect!

Vegetarianism is more than a way of life. It is a tradition. Vegetarianism can be realised as a daily spiritual Sadhana, for a vegetarian lifestyle becomes a practice of Ahimsa or non-violence in thought, speech and actions. Vegetarian food is good for the purity of physical body. Be a vegetarian, be healthy in body, mind, and spirit.

I have put my trust in hidden mystery of life, itself. Choosing to incur the consequences of kindness rather than cruelty. I believe I shall continue to find good fortune along the highway of Ahimsa. Offering food for the body and shelters for the soul. The vegetarian way of life opens the door to feel at home in a world of crisis.

From The Candle of Compassion
Courtesy Mira – Vol. 21

I believe that there can be no peace on earth until we stop all killing, for the simple reason that if a man kills an animal for food, he will not hesitate in killing a fellow man whom he regards as an enemy. For this reason the Sadhu Vaswani Mission has started the S.A.K. Association. S stands for Stop, A for all, K for Killing. If we are to have peace on earth we must stop all killing. I would appeal to all brothers and sisters to come and join the SAK Association. It is the first and vital step towards world peace.

- J.P. Vaswani

In little groups, in unknown men,
on the glancing wings of pretty birds
and the feet of gentle beasts and mild-eyed cows,
is coming the Angel of Compassion
to teach our hard and wayward hearts
that to crucify our younger brothren and sisters
is to crucify the Spirit of Life,
and that in loving them we love the One Living Life
that loveth all things that wing the air or wander dumb—
the One Mother-Heart that loveth all things, great and small!

— T.L. Vaswani

To live in Ahimsa is to live in sweetness and light. Ahimsa is peace with all. Ahimsa is harmony. Ahimsa is attunement to the Life Universal. Ahimsa is self- surrender to the One Life, the One Spirit, the One Divine Will that works in all.

Let’s live in the way of Ahimsa, Stop All Slaughter!

- Sadhu Vaswani

I have seen God’s image shinning in birds and animals and for me not to love birds and animals, would be not to love the Lord.

- Sadhu Vaswani

Vegetarian food leaves a deep impression on our nature. If the whole world adopts vegetarianism, it can change the destiny of humankind. - Albert Einstein

Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.” - Bible Genesis 1:29

Animals are intelligent creatures and they respond to love. Animals have a way of communication with each other animals befriend each other and animals have befriended man through centuries. Dogs have been great blessings to man from pre-historic times. The horse, the cow, the goat, the lamb, and a number of animals have served man and helped him, again and again out of dangerous situations. And in return man has been a killer of animals. What ingratitude!

A new awakening is the world’s piteous need, today.

O! for sons and daughters of Krishna and Christ, of Buddha and Mahavira, of Nanak and Francis, to reveal anew the beauty of reverence for life, – sons and daughters who would, renouncing greed and greatness, be among the servants of animals and humanity.

- Sadhu Vaswani

I have, again and again, thought of God as the great Brother and Burden-bearer of bird and beast. These humble creatures toil for us and we dare their rights deny!

St. Francis of Assisi– Apostle of Compassion and Love– expressed a thought on which I have loved to meditate, again and again: "If I can speak to the Emperor, I will beg him to make a universal edict, obliging all those who have the means to spread corn and grain along the roads, that the birds, especially our sisters, the larks, should have a feast".

– Sadhu Vaswani

The Creative Mystery of Life built a beautiful earth. But see what man has made of this earth! He has waged war against things of beauty. He has revelled in slaughter, murder, riotous living. He has stifled the joy of life, and creation "groaneth and travaileth in pain."

– Sadhu Vaswani

We use the word "animal" for these dear, dumb creatures of God. Are they not our brothers and sisters?
Sometimes, I think of them as our earth companions of whom, indeed, we may learn the supreme lesson of life – the lesson of compassion.

– Sadhu Vaswani

If, indeed, students be trained in a school of ahimsa, harmlessness, of reverence for life, they, in the years of their manhood, would receive a two-fold treasure:–(1) the treasure of a new conscience, sensitive to suffering and compassionate to every creature; and (2) the treasure of a new knowledge that would understand India’s holy, hidden tradition of sympathy.

O brother! Why dost thou so lightly take away the life thou canst not restore?

– Sadhu Vaswani

Asia and Africa, Europe and America! Listen ye not to the Call? Slowly, slowly cometh Compassion with a stronger power than Communism.

In little groups, in unknown men, on the glancing wings of pretty birds and the feet of gentle beasts and mild-eyed cows, is coming the Angel of Compassion to teach our hard and wayward hearts that to crucify our younger brethren and sisters is to crucify the Spirit of Life, and that in loving them we love the One Living Life that loveth all things that wing the air or wander dumb, – the One Mother-Heart that loveth all things, great and small!

– Sadhu Vaswani

Long before the birth of the Christian Church appeared in the West, Pythagoras, the Sage who impressed on his Brotherhood the injunction “not to kill nor injure any creature”.

Flesh diet he condemned as “sinful food.”

Weighty area his words of warning:–

“Beware, O mortals of defiling your bodies with sinful food! There are cereals, there are fruits, bending the branches down by their weight, and luxurious grapes on the vines. There are sweet vegetables and herbs which the flame can render palatable and mellow. Nor are you denied milk, nor honey, fragrant of the aroma of the thyma flower. The bountiful earth offers you an abundance of pure food and provides for meals obtainable without slaughter and bloodshed.”

– Sadhu Vaswani

Whenever I see a meat and fish-ridden dining table, I know that I am looking upon one of the seeds of war and hatred ……a seed that developes into the ugly weed of atrocity.

Whenever I read of hunting parties, I know that I am reading about a seed of war and hatred.

Whenever I read and hear about vivisection, I know that seeds of war and hatred are being sown, for, perhaps, a future generation to reap.

Whenever I read about or see cruelty to animals, I know that another war is coming.

– Dr. G. S. Arundale

It is infamous to kill an animal, which like ourselves, has a stomach– more often healthier than ours; a heart– never as wicked as ours; and a brain,–often cleaner than ours;– just in order to devour its noble limbs. We turn ourselves into moving graves through our persistence in feeding on carcasses. If everyone would be compelled to kill the animals he eats, more than fifty per cent of the meat-eaters would abandon this repulsive and inhuman food. He who eats the meats of animals killed by the butcher, is the same as the coward who pays a criminal to commit murder for him. The meat-eater is therefore twice as criminal as the butcher. “To kill an animal in order to devour it, is to commit a double crime,” (Gleizes). “You have just dined; and however scrupulously the slaughter-house is concealed in a graceful distance of miles, there is complicity,” says Emerson.

– Charles Brandt

The cause of Animal Welfare will be considerably helped when it is shown that flesh-diet hinders the growth of the individual. Every thing hinders it which is unnatural.

I am happy the West is beginning to understand, more and more, the truth emphasised in the Hindu books that man does not belong to the class of the flesh eaters. Dr. J. Oldfield, Senior Physician, Lady Margaret Hospital, wrote:–

“Today, there is the chemical fact in the hands of all, which none can gainsay that the products of the vegetable kingdom contain all that is necessary for the fullest sustenance of human life.

“Flesh is an unnatural food, and therefore, tends to create functional disturbance. As it is taken in modern civilisation, it is infected with such terrible diseases (readity communicable to man), as cancer, consumption, fever, intestinal worms, etc., to an enormous extent. There is little need for wonder that flesh-eating is one of the most serious causes of the diseases that carry off ninety-nine out of every hundred people that are born.”

– Sadhu Vaswani

The deeper we look into nature, the more we recognise that it is full of life, and the more profoundly we know that all life is a secret and that we are united with all life that is in nature.

Man can no longer live his life for himself alone.

We realise that all life is valuable and that we are united to all this life. From this knowledge comes our spiritual relationship to the universe.

– Sadhu Vaswani

Never will I seek nor receive private, individual salvation– never enter into final peace alone; but forever and everywhere will I live and strive for the universal redemption of every creature throughout all worlds. Until all are delivered, never will I leave the world of sin, sorrow and struggle, but will remain where I am.

– Liturgy of Kwan Yin
The Practice of religion involves as a first principle, a loving compassionate heart for all creatures.

– Fo-Pen-Hing-Tsihking
Kindness and compassion to all living things is the noblest code of ethics.

– Pattanathu Pillai
True religion; ‘Tis not blindly prating what the pious prate but to love, as God has loved them, all things, be they small or great.

– Hitopadesa
Do not kill any animal for pleasure, see harmony in nature, and lend a helping hand to all living creatures.

– Hindu Scripture
Wise people see the same soul (Atman) in the Brahman, in worms and insects, in the outcasts, in the dog and the elephant, in beasts, cows, gadflies and gnats.

– Bhagavad Gita
The mind of man and the mind of trees, birds and beasts, is just the One Mind of heaven and earth, only brighter or duller by reflection: as light looks brighter when it falls on a mirror than when it falls on a dark surface.

– Choo-Foo-Tsze
One man is proud when he has caught a poor hare, and another when he has taken a little fish in a net and another when he has taken wild boars, and another when he has taken bears.. Are not these robbers?

– Marcus Aurelius
There is no kind of beast on earth nor fowl which flieth with its wings, but the same is a people like unto you.

– The Koran
Kindness and beneficence should be extended to creatures of every species, and these still flow, from the breast of a well natured man as streams that issue from a living fountain. A good man will take care of his horses and dogs, not only when they are young, but when old and past service. We certainly ought not to treat living creatures like shoes or household goods, which, when worn out with use, we throw away, and were it only to learn benevolence to human kind, we should be merciful to other creatures.

– Plutarch
The right way leads forward, the wrong way backward. Do not proceed on an evil path. If a man shoots birds and hunts beasts, unearths burrowing insects and frightens roosting birds, blocks up the dens of animals and overturns nests, if he kills females great with young, or breaks the eggs of birds, if in the months of spring he burns thicket in hunting. If a man does these things the Spirits presiding over Life will punish him.

- Kan Ying P’ien
Adore God with a pure mind and a pure body, and honour him in all His works, Force, power, energy, waters and stagnant pools, springs, running brooks, plants that shoot aloft, plants that cover the ground, the earth, the heavens, stars, sun, moon, the ever-lasting lights, the flocks, the kine, the water-tribes, those that are of the sky, the flying, the wild ones: We honour all these, Thy holy and pure creatures, O Ahura Mazda, divine artificer!

- Zend Avesta
An ox is satisfied with the pasture of an acre or two: one wood suffices for several elephants. Man alone supports himself by the pillage of the whole earth and sea. Insatiable, unfathomable, gluttony searches every land and every sea. Some animals it persecutes with snares and traps, with hunting nets, with hooks, sparing no sort of toil to obtain them … There is no peace allowed to any species of beings.

- Seneca
The True Vegetarian is a man of self-discipline. So many there be who do not eat flesh but, alas! they easily succumb to the flesh. They cannot resist the temptations of the flesh. They are soft: they have not put out the fire of passion. The true vegetarian is unswayed by passion, unruffled by anger, unmoved by greed of gold.

-T.L. Vaswani
I do not regard flesh-food as necessary for us at any stage and under any clime in which it is possible for human beings ordinarily to live. I hold flesh-food to be unsuited to our species. We err in copying the lower animal world, if we are superior to it.

- By Mahatma Gandhi

The Government of India should frame a “Charter of Rights” of animals. Men have their rights, the right to habitation, the right not to be displaced, the right to move freely, the right to justice, the right to education and other rights.

Have animals no rights?

It should, I submit, be the duty of a “welfare state” to see that a Charter is framed to protect and preserve our birds, our monkeys and other animals.

- T.L. Vaswani

Out of friendship with the land comes friendship with animals and at length friendship between man and man, until the enlightened of all nations are united in a bond of love, which is the only answer to man’s nostalgia for perfection.

From the book
Vaswani Bridge of Brotherhood
By Woodland Kahler

The religion of reverence must enter our schools and colleges. Student groups must be formed. Students with their idealism will respond to the call.

The world, alas! still is drunk with blood, nations have not lost their lust, and in the shouts and tumults of today, the face of compassionate God is dim.

There must be change in the heart of the world. And this task of transformation will be achieved by education and not legislation. The transformation must take place in childhood and adolescence.

- Sadhu Vaswani

Today 5th June, is the Environment Day, the World Veg. Council issued the following advertisement, appealing to people to go vegetarian:

You need only 253 liters of water to produce 1/2 kg. of wheat.

You need 10,515 liters of water to produce 1/2 kg. of meat.

That is the total quantity of water-consumed by cattle, used for cleaning them and their surroundings polluted by their excreta and finally used for processing the meat. The live stock industry pollutes more than all the cars, trucks, planes and ships in the world combined. And refusing meat is the single most effective way you can reduce global warming.

Say no to meat, and save the world from disaster!

If indeed, our pupils be trained in the school of ahimsa, harmlessness or reverence for every life, they, in the years of their manhood, would receive a two-fold treasure:

1. A new conscience sensitive to suffering and compassionate to every creature,
2. The treasure of the knowledge that understands India’s hidden tradition.

We speak of knowledge - yes. We need to learn this truth that our logic, our psychology, our books taught in the schools may teach us to know the mind and its processes, but they do not teach us that which we need to know, first and last. They do not teach us to love and to pour out compassion upon the creatures of God who suffer and, as it seems to me, groaning daily in pain, cry for a deliverer, a saviour to come and redeem nature and humanity.

- Sadhu T.L. Vaswani

Reverence For All Life is to be experienced. But How? One Mr. Shah, a Rotarian, had a farm outside Pune where there were more than 200 trees. Everyday morning he used to count the trees and talk to them, Love them. Due to bad times he had to sell farm. On the last day, when he and his father, were making a last round of the farm and when they reached the last tree, the tree was shaking, there was no wind, no breeze and it was absolutely in a still environment and yet the tree shook. He found the roots of the tree had moved two inches and the tree had moved towards him. Moved towards him out of love. The tree was as sadas the man was the leaves of the tree were wet, the tree had cried. So we have to experience such kinds of the things, Sant Kabir was a vegetarian an he used to sing songs for wisdom and life.

- Prof. Aruna Jethwani
Many of you, even in these days, think animals are here in order that you may eat them! You send them to slaughter houses, forgetting the ancient truth that animals, too, are your brothers. The animals belong to the one realm of Life. You forget this, and you become cruel. Dogs and cats, too, are members of God’s church: they belong to the One Life.

From ‘Little Talks On the Gita’
East and West Series
By T.L. Vaswani

The one aspiration of my life has been that I should, in little things, in humble tasks of life, endeavour to serve the meek, the little lowly ones, the neglected, the despised ones, the poor and suffering creatures of God! And these include not merely those of the Kingdom of Man but, also, those of the sub-human kingdom -the bird, the beast, the dog, the cow. Are we not all, members of one World Brotherhood, of one Cosmic Community? My reverence for the mild-eyed cow has deepened as the years have passed: And the faith in my heart is strong that in serving the cow, in sheltering her from the cruelties of man, who was really meant to be a protector and a guardian of the animal world -man bears witness to the Brotherhood of Life.

- By Sadhu Vaswani

A reason for not eating meat is given with respect to an argument put forth by some non-vegetarians: If all beings have life and vegetarians are killing and eating plant-life, why should we not eat animals also? However this argument is really a fallacious one, for if we extend this reasoning a little further, we would then be asking why we cannot eat human beings also. If it is necessary to destroy life no matter what we eat, then why not kill our old people when there is a shortage of food? But, of course, every-one would reply, “Oh, that is horrible! How can you say that?” No one will agree with the argument when it is taken that far.

From ‘Hindu Culture’
By Swami Tejomayananda

Life must be sustained with life, it should be done by causing the least pain and disturbance to nature. This means that even when eating vegetarian food we should eat moderately and with discrimination. From a medical standpoint also many people today are advised to reduce their fat and cholesterol intake, which generally means the reduction of red meat in the diet. It is needless to explain here that not only meat-eating, but excessive eating of any kind is not good for physical health.

From ‘Hindu Culture’
By Swami Tejomayananda
What is the position of Manu Smriti on the question of eating meat? The general commandment given (called a samanya) is: "Do not eat meat." There are a number of reasons why this injunction is given. One is from the spiritual standpoint, that there is one Self or one Life that pulsates in all beings; since all beings want to live happily in this world, we do not have the moral right to take away a life or to cause any unhappiness or sorrow to others. This is a simple dharma to understand.

From ‘Hindu Culture’
By Swami Tejomayananda
What you cannot give, you have no right to take away. If you cannot give breath to a being, you have no right to take it away. If you cannot give a life to a being, you have no right to take away life of any being sentient or non sentient.

Stop All Killing!
- J.P. Vaswani

Love is the light of life, my child!
O, brightly let it burn each day!
To bird and beast to ever mild:
To love them is to truly pray.

In them, too, is His image fair:
Behold it in the light of love!
His mercy shines in the masks they wear,
His beauty smiles in deer and dove!

To mother Earth and father Sky
Bow every day, and so be blessed!
All creatures live to beautify
The world: harm none, but love’s light shed!

- T.L. Vaswani

1.3 tons of water is required by a cow or a buffalo per day. Hence rearing cows and buffaloes for meat would consume this precious resource at an increasing rate and would deplete this precious resource at an alarming rate.

Save the Cow, Save the Water, Save the Earth, Stop All Killing!

Nearly 2,000 years ago the gentle Teacher who loved all creatures, told his followers the “prayer of faith would heal the sick” and that those who believed could do greater works than His. But among us who call ourselves his followers, or say that we believe, no “greater works”are done, and among us are increasingly many sick. May it not be because willfully, obstinately we have turned from the path of peace and trust and love and put our faith in ways of cruelty and shame? We kill animals for food.

There is something so very dreadful, so satsanic in tormenting those who never have harmed us, and who cannot defend themselves, who are utterly in our power, who have weapons neither of offense or defence, that none but very hardened persons can endure the thought of it.

We have gained so pitifully little through our cruelties and have gained nothing that could not have been gained without them. And, quite justly, we have paid for them the heavy price of thousands of children paralysed, killed or diseased through the use of the poisons which our cruelties have harvested.

Shall it continue? Or shall we as a nation, a people, a world turn once more to ways of simple justice, and wisdom, and faith, and love, and clean living, and wholesome diet?

- Blavatsky A.V. Group, Calif

Is it not a reproach that man is a carnivorous animal? True, he can and does live, in a great measure, by preying on other animals; but this is a miserable way—as anyone who will go to snaring rabbits, or slaughtering lambs, may learn—and he will be regarded as a benefactor of his race who shall teach man to confine himself to a more innocent and wholesome diet.

Whatever my own practice may be, I have no doubt that it is a part of the destiny of the human race, in its gradual improvement, to leave off eating animals, as surely as the savage tribes have left off eating each other when they came in contact with the more civilized.


We are the living graves of murdered beasts,
Slaughtered to satisfy our appetites.
We never pause to wonder at our feasts,
If animals, like men, can possibly have rights.
We pray on Sundays that we may have light,
To guide our footsteps on the path we tread.
We’re sick of War, we do not want to fight-
The thought of it now fills our hearts with dread,
And yet- we gorge ourselves upon the dead.

Like carrion crows, we live and feed on meat,
Regardless of the suffering and pain
We cause by doing so, if thus we treat
Defenseless animals for sport or gain,
How can we hope in this world to attain
The PEACE we say we are so anxious for.
We pray for it, o’er hecatombs of slain,
To God, while outraging the moral law.
Thus cruelty begets its offspring-WAR.

George Bernard Shaw

I try to make conscious everyday choices in food and clothing, products that don’t harm the wildlife or environment. Be it crockery, footwear or shawls, your beliefs should reflect in your daily choices and how you choose to live.

─ Arpana Caur, Artist

Why hunt you these creatures of God
Who are more noble than you?
Be you considerate and kind,
Compassionate and tender,
Not to your kind alone,
But to every creature within your care.
For you are to them as gods
To whom they look in their needs!

[Quoted in The Gospel of the Holy Twelve]

For in all is the One Life. There is nothing dead. Pure matter is pure abstraction. There are jivas in everything.

When I breathe, when I talk, when I do the day’s work, I do some himsa to some Jivas. Therefore must I repent and pray every day.

To repentance and prayer, add karma, (action) which is a call for us to be compassionate.

- Sadhu Vaswani

The heavens weep for atrocities inflicted on animals. For the sake of beauty and money, man becomes the henchman, devitalizing mother earth of its rich fauna. Fifty million wild animals are killed each year alone for their precious skins.

Atrocities have reached a crisis level. Just because man is an intelligent being, due to the grace of God, he has no prerogative to have the upper hand in nature. Who is to blame? It is not only the poachers and hunters. Not only the technicians in the labs. Not the countries which import this carnage. Not only the traders who benefit by this commerce, but you, young man, wearing that skinned belt and that beautiful wallet tucked in your pocket. Your wife too, who has been taught that beauty is the focus of life, is more so to blame. In mink she may steal the glances of innumerable males but what of those glances she has forever axed. Guilty? We are all guilty. Sentence will be passed when life reaches the cliff’s edge.

─ By Sadhu Vivekjivandas

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